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Things to consider when buying a Wooden Jungle Gym

  Buying a new wooden jungle gym can be a daunting task.The time has come to get the kids out of the house,but how do you go about buying one?I have compiled some useful information to help guide you in the right direction: 1.)Hand rails  A jungle gym should have solid handrails,poles get old and […]

Jungle Gym Maintenance (a step-by-step guide)

  Jungle Gym Maintenance can be a costly exercise if you neglect it for long periods of time.Its critically important to have a general understanding of the material, and what to look out for to ensure the safety of your child.   1.)Treated gum poles  All gum poles are CCA treated  “Chromated Copper Arsenate” this […]

Why kids need Jungle Gyms

Wooden Jungle gym

It has been proven beyond a doubt that wooden jungle gyms have a positive effect on children’s learning skills and abilities. Physiologists and Educationalists agree on the importance of physical activity in the healthy development of a child’s mind and body. Children need to test their abilities, explore their potential and express their vitality. They […]

Why choose The Woodwork Shop

Our units are modular to suit your space and budget. You can add a slide, swings, rope ramp, rigid ladder, jacob’s ladder, fireman’s pole, tyre tower, sandpits, climbing wall, cargo nets or paint your unit a different colour. We settle for nothing less than quality materials and quality workmanship. The child’s safety and pleasure is […]

Monkey bars are critical to gross motor skills and balance

Monkey bars can be a little daunting, even for the most intrepid jungle gym user. Like all things in life, everyone has to try something new for the first time and mastering a new skill will boost your child’s self-esteem. And in the case of monkey bars, building upper body strength and encouraging balance are […]

8 reasons why a sandpit is critical to childhood development


1. Open-ended play all the way Sand is the perfect play medium for children of every age, no matter their skill or cognitive level. Very young or underdeveloped children can simply sit in sand and take in the texture and qualities of the medium while older children with more sophisticated thought processes can use sand […]

How to keep your Kids entertained at home these holidays

Keeping children busy during the holidays can be very challenging, especially at home. With some innovative planning holidays can be a special time for children to learn and spend time at home with family and friends – here are seven ideas to keep your kids busy:   1. Cooking and baking Memories of home cooked […]