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Why are kids treehouses increasing in popularity?

jungle gym climbing rope

So why are kids treehouses increasing in popularity? These structures are rather pricey, however, there is a significant long term value that is often overlooked. It’s absolutely critical for your child to have their own fort or hiding spot to store their prized possessions. Often kids outgrow their jungle gym. It’s no longer a challenge. […]

The Importance Of Your Child’s Physical Development

The Importance of your Child's Physical Development

Any teacher will happily highlight the importance of your child’s physical development. Kids develop differently, so that is why it is is critically important to assess your child and tailor the playground equipment to their requirements. Monkey bars are an excellent solution for children to challenge themselves and improve their arm strength, and upper body […]

Jungle Gym Maintenance (a step-by-step guide)

Jungle Gym Maintenance

  Jungle Gym Maintenance can be a costly exercise if you neglect it for long periods of time.It’s critically important to have a general understanding of the material, and what to look out for to ensure the safety of your child.   1.)Treated gum poles  All gum poles are CCA treated  “Chromated Copper Arsenate” this […]