How to keep your Kids entertained at home these holidays



Keeping children busy during the holidays can be very challenging, especially at home. With some innovative planning holidays can be a special time for children to learn and spend time at home with family and friends – here are seven ideas to keep your kids busy:


1. Cooking and baking

Memories of home cooked meals and family recipes are priceless. Add children who love to bake and cook and you have the recipe for keeping kids busy. Involve them in meal preparation or bake special treats to keep them fed, happy and to instil a love of healthy food.

2. Start a vegetable garden
Bring the ‘real food revolution’ to your garden with a dedicated vegetable garden. Not only does it teach a love for the healthy spoils it produces, it teaches responsibility and is an excellent learning opportunity.

3. Jungle gyms and sandpits
Having your very own jungle gym not only encourages children to play outside, it helps to strengthen their core, encourages exercise and provides hours of healthy entertainment. Call in the experts not matter how small your space, custom built jungle gyms and sandpits are available to suit your space and budget.


4. DIY Go-kart and other holiday projects
Projects like a DIY go-kart will keep your children busy for hours. It is also a brilliant opportunity to spend quality time with your child while teaching them how to work systematically and follow instructions. There are also many craft kits and books available to help provide endless of fun.

5. Encourage reading
Take your children to the local library to borrow books. Books will keep them busy and encourages a love of reading.

6. Board games
There are loads of options available for every age and interest. Board games are fun and can teach children all kinds of things including general knowledge and strategy.

7. Get by with a little help from friends
Invite your children’s friends to play or share the ‘load’ with your friends by alternating childcare responsibilities and each day’s entertainment. Many hands make light work, the possibilities are endless!