Jungle Gym Maintenance (a step-by-step guide)

Jungle Gym Maintenance
Wooden Jungle gym
Wooden Jungle Gym


Jungle Gym Maintenance can be a costly exercise if you neglect it for long periods of time.It’s critically important to have a general understanding of the material, and what to look out for to ensure the safety of your child.


1.)Treated gum poles 

All gum poles are CCA treated  “Chromated Copper Arsenate” this treatment ensures that the pole does not rot in the ground, which is why all treated gum poles have a slightly green tint. Gum poles generally last a very long time. In addition, Common problems are splitting at the ends and cracking below the deck causing planks to loosen on platforms and rope ramps. Treated poles are completely safe for kids. If you are having problems with poles splitting then ask your local hardware for some gang nails. This is a spiky plate that’s nailed to the end of the pole.

2.)Planks for decks, bridges and ramps

Planks on the other hand require more attention. It’s very important to paint your jungle gym with a good quality wood sealer. It’s worth spending a bit of money here. Global warming is a reality these days, and wood is simply getting baked in the hot African sun! if the wood is not painted with a sealer it gets brittle and makes the unit look old and tired. You’ll be amazed how a fresh coat can bring your jungle gym back to life. This is jungle gym maintenance 101!


If possible, try and manually water the area around the jungle gym. The consistent moisture and direct sun are not great for the longevity of the wood. If this can’t be avoided, then look for a water repellent sealer at your local hardware. Furthermore, the paint industry is exploding, so you won’t have a problem finding a quality product.

Drainage in the play area is very important


It’s very important to consider drainage around the unit. Furthermore, gum poles are treated for moisture, but consistently waterlogged areas will be a problem in the long. So try and find a solution to keep the area as dry as possible.

5.)Loose bolts and exposed nails

This can be a problem over time, painting your unit regularly will help a great deal. If nails were used on the platform then I would recommend that you pull them out and use chipboard screws instead.

6.)Loose poles 

One of the big jungle gym maintenance problems I encounter is loose poles. especially swings. I recommend that you remove some soil from around the pole, mix it with cement and repack it in the hole. Then pour some water, and wait a day or two for the cement to set.

7.)Protecting poles from weed eaters 

This problem is very common at schools. A great trick is to cut 20 cm lengths of PVC and cut them vertically so you can slip them around the base of the pole. This does wonder to protect the pole from weed eaters eating away at the pole year in and out.

Visit our maintenance page for more information about purchasing oil for your unit or get in touch to request a quote.



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