Preventive maintenance is always the best form of protection.  Jungle Gyms should be inspected periodically for wear and tear, and repaired quickly where necessary. Unlike steel our wooden structures require very little fuss.

Treehouse, Slide, swings and climbing
Truck sandbox with folding bench sandpit

Our maintenance tips for jungle gyms and sandboxes will guide you in the right direction. We only use carefully selected CCA treated gum poles for our jungle gyms.  All chains are galvanized and the supporting poles are well secured in the ground. We use Saligna or pine planks for the decks, ramps, bridges and roofs. The gum poles are well protected from rot. So they will last a very long time.

When we first erect a jungle gym we paint it with an oil-based wood dresser followed by a water-based sealer to insulate the wood. The oil gives it its colour. Furthermore, the sealer insulates the wood from moisture and sun. See an example of natural light oak oil finish Mud kitchen with removable bowls

Painting your wooden jungle gym is critical to its longevity.

In addition, we highly recommend that your jungle gym and sandboxes are painted with a clear sealer annually. This will ensure that the wood does not dry out and will lengthen the life of the unit. Your unit will continue to look good at a very low cost. We do supply clear sealers which can be couriered to your door. It’s easy to apply and works wonders. Alternatively, you can use a product called “Grip Seal” which is available at most hardware. Please visit our Accessories and Sealers to order a sealer or oil to maintain your wooden jungle gym.

Due to the settling in of the jungle gym and normal expansion and contraction of the wood, you may initially find that some bolts need to be tightened. We advise that you check your unit after one month or so. In conclusion, we recommend checking the jungle gym carefully and tighten the bolts if necessary.