Mud Kitchens

Our mud kitchens have been a massive hit since their inception. What little person doesn’t want to have their very own kitchen where they can store “spices” make a juicy mud pie. Or simply mirror Mum and Dad in the kitchen? The wood is beautifully laminated to give a seamless finish.

Functional and attractive mud kitchens for kids

Our mud kitchens have easy-to-clean removable 30 cm diameter aluminum bowls. Choose a mud kitchen with shelves, plastic utensils, hot plates, or an oven. In addition, you can select natural or white protective water-based sealers. Therefore you can leave your mud kitchen outside. The sealers also makes it easy to clean after a long productive bake-off. Alternatively, this mud kitchen for kids is available in whitewash. The life-like oven has a small hinged door, and above it are 4 temperature adjustment knobs to achieve just the right heat for the perfect mud pie! Furthermore, we are willing to make minor adjustments to this kitchen. Please inquire, and we’ll see how we can assist with your specific request.

Mirror Mum and Dad in the kitchen

We suggest that you visit our Maintenance page for some useful tips and suggestions on how to prolong the life of your product. We also have a standard mud kitchen which excludes the oven. Our quality sealers can be conveniently couriered to your door.

In conclusion, our kitchens are a great investment. It’s all about make-believe when you are little. So why not discover why these products are so popular!

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mud kitchens

Mud Kitchen with Oven


mud kitchens

Mini Mud Kitchen


mud kitchens

Mud Kitchen