Transporter Sandbox/Sandpit



  • Steering wheel and movable gear
  • Solid lid that doubles up as a seat
  • Made with Saligna and pine
  • Base of sandpit lined with weed guard
  • Available in a DIY kit for outer lying areas
  • Painted with an oil based wood dresser
  • Price Excludes sand
  • Average delivery fee for the Johannsburg/Pretoria is R350.00

Sandbox price/sizes                                                    Add sand

1200mm x 1200mm x 22mm deep        R3595.00     +   R225.00

1500mm x 1500mm x 220mm deep      R3625.00     +   R450.00

1500mm x 2000mm x 220mm deep      R3833.00     +   R585.00



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