Treehouse with Wraparound Patio


  • Deck area 3 m x 4 m
  • Enclosed area 2 m x2 m
  • Green nu-tec roof
  • 2 x windows (30cm x 90cm and 30cm x 45cm)
  • Made with pine and gum poles
  • Stable door with bolt lock
  • Vertical cargo net (yellow or black)
  • 1.5m high green fibreglass slide (red, blue, grey or green)
  • Trap door with vertical chain ladder
  • Rope ramp with 16mm nylon rope
  • Bucket and rope
  • Firemans’s pole with landing deck
  • Painted with a white water-based sealer
  • Price includes delivery and installation in Johannesburg or Pretoria

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