Our kid’s sandpits and sandboxes are a must-have for any developing child. A kids sandpit with a lid invites participation and permits children to make and test hypotheses. Our sandboxes for kids will encourage your children to stretch their imagination. In addition, the sand provides a potentially soothing sensory experience; and it is an excellent avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive, and social skills.

A diverse selection of wooden sandboxes for kids

Furthermore, each kid’s sandpit is designed to give children hours of fun by incorporating a theme around the sandpit to further stretch their imagination. The Wood Workshops’ selection of sandboxes and sandpits will encourage your kids to spend more quality time outside in the fresh air, away from the TV. Our sandboxes are beautifully made. As a result, the laminated pine gives a seamless professional finish with clean edges. in addition, our kid’s sandpits are fastened together with industrial accessories to ensure a long life span. All wood is machine planed to give that perfect finish free of splinters. Our hinges and bolts are tried and tested. Therefore, this ensures that all moving parts are secure. As a result, they will handle being bashed around by little boisterous little people. Find your perfect sandpit with a lid.

Find your own captivating kid’s sandbox

Whether it’s a tug boat, pirate ship, truck sandpit, or stand-alone sandbox with folding benches. We have the solution for you! Our product range is unique, and you are guaranteed to have enough space to fit at least one sandpit for kids in your garden.

Our sandpits and sandboxes are fun and educational.

In addition, all our sandpits and sandboxes are lined with a weed guard material that prevents weeds from growing through the sand and it allows water to drain out the base. Furthermore, we paint all ground contact areas with an anti-rot product. Each product is painted with an oil-based product to give it that tan colour. We then insulate the kid’s sandpit with a protective water-based sealer.

Furthermore, our very effective sealers will protect the sandpits and sandboxes from rain and moisture. Furthermore, we use cutting-edge paints and sealers that effectively preserve and protect our sandpits for kids. In addition, we recommend that you visit our Maintenance page. You’ll find some useful tips and advice on how to prolong the life of your wooden sandpit with a lid.

Our sandpits and sandboxes are a worthy investment

So, it’s all about exploring and make-believe when you are little. Furthermore, we suggest you get in touch and discover more about our range of sandpits and sandboxes. You are sure to find your ideal kid’s sandpit.

We do supply silica play sand that’s specifically prepared in 20 kg bags along with effective sealers to protect the wood. Avoid the hassle and mess. You can get these products delivered to your door. Visit our Accessories and Sealers page. Now you can easily maintain your product.

In addition, we recommend taking a look at our Facebook page for regular product updates and recent installations