Things to consider when buying a Wooden Jungle Gym


Wooden Jungle gym
Wooden jungle gym

Buying a new wooden jungle gym can be a daunting task.The time has come to get the kids out of the house,but how do you go about buying one?I have compiled some useful information to help guide you in the right direction:

1.)Hand rails 

A jungle gym should have solid handrails,poles get old and tend to crack occasionally,this can be very dangerous.If a child leans on the handrail and the railing slits,then you are going to have a big problem.A good handrail should be around 10cm in diameter.Using nails and screws to secure the handrail to the upright can be dangerous when wood gets old.


Stick to galvanized chain for swings and ladders.Rope tends to fray and perish over time.This looks messy


This is a big one that people tend to forget.The gum poles are treated for rot,but consistently waterlogged areas will pose a problem in the long run.Make sure you have decent drainage in the area.

4.)Challenging features

When designing your new wooden jungle gym,its important to not make it too easy for the kids.They will grow into it very quickly.What’s the challenge if the get it the first time?Consider climbing walls and monkey bars.These features are very popular and great for upper body development.

Compact Jungle Gyms


When buying a new jungle gym you are,there is an undertaking that you are going to have to maintain it.Its all about the maintenance.If you paint it with a sealer regularly,then your jungle gym will last a very long time.If you neglect it,then you are in for all sorts of problems further down the line.


If you are going to buy a new wooden jungle gym with an open sandpit then I would highly recommend that you get a PVC cover made for it.It’s an investment with great long term benefits.


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