Ultimate team building fun that benefits charity

Wondering what to do for your next team building event? Why not build a DIY go-kart and donate it to charity?

The kit comes with all the necessary screws, washers and nyloc nuts. The detailed instruction manual with photos, make the project simple to complete.

In the pack, you will find:

• 4 sturdy BMX wheels with tubes and tyres
• 2 steel rod axles
• Steel plates to cover and secure axles
• Nylon steering rope
• Solid wooden sections cut to size and holes pre-drilled
• Hand brake/lever system

Finish it off with unique creative flair

Once the go-kart has been assembled, it can be painted and customised to your specifications. The possibilities are endless in terms of paint and accessories that can be customised to reflect your brand or leave it up to the team to add their own personal touches.

Donate the finished product to under privileged children
The finished go-kart is suitable for children aged 6 to 10 years and promises many hours of good, clean fun.

Why do team building?

Team building is a very important part of keeping employees happy and productive. Successful team building activities offer the following benefits:

• Encourages trust, bonding and getting to know each other,
• Helps improve communication,
• Opportunity to relax and enjoy a change in office routine,
• Facilitates all types of learning e.g. communication skills, problem solving and creativity.