Why choose The Woodwork Shop

The Wood Workshop

Our units are modular to suit your space and budget. You can add a slide, swings, rope ramp, rigid ladder, jacob’s ladder, fireman’s pole, tyre tower, sandpits, climbing wall, cargo nets or paint your unit a different colour.

We settle for nothing less than quality materials and quality workmanship. The child’s safety and pleasure is our supreme concern. Compare the thickness of our poles(bolted together, heads countersunk for protection) the quality of our rope, the size of the galvanized steel chain and you’ll realise that we are serious about what we do.

Our product may cost a little more than some others on offer but then we deliver the goods. Get out there and compare.

We use good strong poles(SABS approved) bolted together with big coach screws and heads countersunk for safety. We use galvanized chain on bridges, chain ladders and swings because your child’s safety is of absolute importance to us.