Why do kids need jungle gyms

Why do kids need jungle gyms




Wooden Jungle gym
Wooden jungle gym

So, why do kids need jungle gyms? It has been proven beyond a doubt that wooden jungle gyms have a positive effect on children’s learning skills and abilities.

In addition, Physiologists and Educationalists agree on the importance of physical activity. Along with the healthy development of a child’s mind and body. Children need to test their abilities, explore their potential and express their vitality. Furthermore,  they also need to create their own fantasy world and stretch their imaginations to the limit.

Jungle gyms encourage outdoor play in a challenging modern world

The pictures and layouts you see on our website are but a few of the many creations we have in store for you. They are the thoughts and ideas put to us by Occupational Therapists and even from children themselves and we have turned them into a reality. Our products include:

  • Wooden Jungle Gyms
  • Treehouses
  • Sandboxes
  • Ship sandpits
  • Obstacle courses for kids

As a result, every feature is designed to encourage a spirit of adventure while developing healthy, agile bodies. As a result, these are the critical building blocks to early child development.

Furthermore, you can discover more about our range of jungle gyms here: Wooden Jungle Gyms or visit our https://web.facebook.com/thewoodworkshopza page to view some of our recent installations.

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