Our Wooden jungle gyms will encourage your children to play outside. They will promote physical development and fine tune their balancing and climbing skills. Each unit can be modified to fit your space and budget. Soon your little explorer will be actively enjoying the outdoors. They will be entertaining their friends and enjoying the out doors!

Wooden jungle gyms with a difference..

We supply excellent quality fibre glass wave slides and straight slides with hose connectors. Our climbing grips are professionally made, so they look great and won’t fade in the sun . All our poles are CCA treated to SABS standards. We source excellent quality poles, therefore your jungle gym will also be square and aesthetically pleasing. You won’t have worry about the poles rotting for many, many years. We use Pine and Saligna planks for the platforms and roofs. Our platforms are structurally solid, so Mum and Dad can climb up. As a result all our wooden jungle gyms are firmly secured in the ground. We only use cement for the swing frames.

Your child’s safety is important to us..

The topic of safety needs to be taken seriously when building wooden jungle gyms. The Wood Workshop has taken great care to continue 10 year legacy using industrial bolts and coach screws .We also supply high quality fibre glass slides with hose connectors. As well as appropriate sized galvanised chain. We also ensure the appropriate accessories are used. The Wood Workshop has a proud and decorated track record of delivering outstanding products to many satisfied customers year after year.

Jungle Gyms Require Maintenance 

Furthermore all our products are coated with an oil based wood dresser. We then coat the unit with a water based sealer which insulates the wood. This product will prevent the wood from getting brittle during the hot summer months. This product nourishes the wood and protects it from the elements. Please visit our Maintenance page for more information on this topic.

We have many wooden jungle gyms for sale!

Our jungle gyms carry a 12 month guarantee on workmanship.